Our Services to you
Our materials are bought customized just for you from reputable
manufacturers, allowing us to keep our prices down and quality high.

Preventative measures can help you save a lot of money in the

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for a free roof estimate/ consultation today at (518)
632-5375. Our philosophy is once your new roof is complete, and you
are happy, then we will expect our payment. As always there is no
money requested up front. Zero!!!
Our services include / but not limited
- Slate repair
- Slate installation
- Shingle repair
- Shingle installation
- Chimney point-ups
- Metal installation
- Metal repair
- Custom Copper
- Custom Metal Fabrication
- Roof Inspections
- Modified Bitumen
- All roof types
- Roof Snow Removal
We specialize in the
application of:
- Slate
- Shingles
- Metal
- SBS Modified
- All roof materials